Monkey Mayhem
Game TimeSplitters 2
Section Monkeying Around
Map Circus
Character Ringmistress
Enemies Encountered Monkeys
Rewards Silver: Mischief

Gold: Lola Varuska
Medal Requirements Bronze: 1000
Silver: 1500
Gold: 2500
Platinum: 3000

Monkey Mayhem is the second challenge in the Monkeying Around section from TimeSplitters 2. You take the role as Ringmistress, in the Circus map equipped with a Vintage Rifle. In this challenge you have to shoot the watermelons off the monkeys paws. Shooting one gets you 50 points, and getting them constantly gets you a combo and thus more points. Shooting a monkey will take 75 points from your score, which can hurt your chances of getting a Silver or higher.

Briefing Edit

Some evil circus clowns have enslaved the performing monkeys and forced them to carry their watermelons! Free the monkeys by shooting the watermelons out of their paws, but aim carefully...

Strategy Edit

  • First: this strategy will not guarantee a gold/platinum, but if you just want to pass the level with a silver/bronze, this will help. Okay, walk as far as you can onto the balcony. Then scope and zoom way out, as far as your scope will let you. Aim a little bit high, but not too high. Once the monkeys start coming, use your *run* control and move back to the monkeys in the middle of the area. Shoot the melons. Then some monkeys will come a little bit further away. Shoot the melons. Wait for more monkeys and repeat this. You will get a bronze/silver with this.
  • Full strategy. First decide what award you want. If you're happy with a bronze or silver then move forward to the front of the box, go into Aim Mode (it's probably worth selecting this as toggle) have the zoom about a quarter of the way in. You should be able to find a point in the middle of your view between & slightly below the 2 entrance tunnels ahead of you. It is a point which the 2 routes the monkeys take both pass through, it's at the level that the monkeys coming in from the left are at as they come in, once you've found this point get the rifle's cross-hairs on the point the melons pass through & shoot each one as it passes through your aim. Don't move your aim from this point, if you miss a few don't be tempted to try to get them you will probably miss more than you gain & may even hit some monkeys.

The above method will not give you enough combos to get a gold or platinum, so for those awards you will have to work harder. This time set Aim Mode to Hold so it's easier to see where all the monkeys are. Follow a similar strategy to above but this time move your aim when necessary, when you've just shot a melon but the next one isn't coming along just yet move your aim to get one a bit sooner, the easiest way to do this is if a monkey is coming in through the right hand tunnel you can move your aim up to get his melon alternatively move your aim to the left to get one coming in from that side. After you've done all you can of this return to the aim position described above. Keep an eye on your score & be aware of your target score so when you know you can easily reach it then you can follow the bronze/silver method which is safer as it's less likely to result in mistakes.

Trivia Edit

  • This challenge is similar to Melon Heist in Timesplitters Future Perfect.
  • 75 points is lost for hitting a monkey while it is carrying a melon, but there is no loss of points for hitting a monkey after the melon has been shot out of its hands.


Monkey Mayhem - 14800 (TimeSplitters 2)

Monkey Mayhem - 14800 (TimeSplitters 2)