Additional monkey assistantsEdit

Additional monkey assistants
Requirements -TS2
-Mapmaker Level
-Monkey Assistant
Finder Slagar

Create a map in Mapmaker, then set the recommended bot set so that all the bots are Monkeys. When the map is played, the player(s) will be alone with the bots spawning as if they were all Monkey Assistants. However, if you try to play monkey assistant in a premade made (Chinese, for example), it will turn all the monkeys into Jungle Queens.

This is only possible in mapmaker maps.

Play as a monkeyEdit

Play as a monkey
Requirements -TSFP
-Monkey Assistant
Finder ninjamonkey101

A second monkey assistant glitch allows play as a monkey. Simply play as a monkey in any arcade match except monkey assistant, either play all the way through or quit. Now select monkey assistant, and when it comes to the character selection, it will say character unavailable and display a monkey. without pressing anything else, press the selection button (A or X depending on system) the game will now start with you as a monkey! It works in TimeSplitters Future Perfect only on all consoles.

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