Mister Big
Species Human
Size Normal
Native Timezone 1970-1985
Related Characters Big Tony (Possible Relation)
Games TimeSplitters 1

Mister Big is a character in the TimeSplitters series, though only appears in the original TimeSplitters. He is the head of a gang who operate out of the Chinese restaurant. He wears a dark grey pinstriped suit and is bald. A man who lived and died in 1932, more commonly known as Big Tony, also went under the alias "Mister Big". However, it is unlikely they are the same person; Big Tony lived and died in 1932, whereas Mister Big lived in 1970.



TS1 Mister Big Small Mr. Big

Unlock Chinese on Hard in 6m 20s
Gesture Sits in chair saying "Hey, I'm a busy man.", gets up saying "I ain't got all day.", and whilst fixing cuffs says "Let's get down to business, huh?"

Mister Big is the boss of many foes in the original TimeSplitters. He is the leader of the Chinese gang. Though the Chinese Restaurant, and the Chinese Chef reappear in future games, Big does not. Outside of Story mode, Mister Big appears in Challenges posing as a duck hunter.


1970, Chinese RestaurantEdit

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Mister Big runs a gang, with the Chinese restaurant posing as a front. They fight against police officers Detective Harry Tipper and Lt. Christine Malone in a gambit to protect incriminating evidence. Although Mister Big appears several times (albeit uncommonly), it can be assumed that he is the gang's leader.

1985, Chemical PlantEdit

Main article: Chemical Plant (Story)

Mister Big appears near the stolen jewels that Fingers McKenzie and Ravelle Velvet stashed at the Chemical Plant. Little is known as to whether he is involved in the level, or is simply a generic enemy.


  • If All Characters Headless is enabled, a portion of Mister Big's chin and lower head are still visible.
  • His voice clips were reused for Dr. Peabody in TimeSplitters 2 and Khallos in TimeSplitters Future Perfect.
  • He's most likely a parody of Don Corleone from The Godfather. Both characters have a raspy voice and they're both involved in crime.