Missile Bunker
Missile Bunker
Game TimeSplitters Future Perfect
League Honorary League
Section Fever Pitch
Mode Virus
Map Bunker
Character Nurse Tourniquet
Enemies Encountered Brother Bartholomew
Dr. Lancet
Dr. Peabody
Nurse Gulag
Sister Faith
Rewards Bronze: Nurse Sputum
Medal Requirements Bronze: 1 min
Silver: 1 min 30 secs
Gold: 2 mins 30 secs
Platinum: 3 mins
World Record : 3 mins (Various)

Missile Bunker is an Honorary Arcade League challenge in the Fever Pitch series of TimeSplitters Future Perfect.

Briefing Edit

Prolonged living in close quarters has led to an outbreak of cabin fever in the underground bunker. Luckily there's plenty of stock piled explosives to hand - just the thing for cleaning people's heads.

Strategy Edit

Keep away at all times and try not to kill the viruses. If you encounter them in a big room try and run around them. Shoot them if it's the only way out of catching the virus.

You can go to top on the platform above the room with several exits. Jump down when the viruses get close.

There is another way, if you go into the shower room hide at the back in one of the showers. The viruses either just stand there or run into the wall. If you want to kill any of them find a Mag-Charger before going into the room.

The easiest strategy, by far, however, is to simply make your way into that hallways with the minigun, grab the minigun, and then simply wait in that corner with your back to the wall, blasting any infected enemies before they can even come close to you.

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