Species Human
Size Normal
Native Timezone Unknown
Related Characters N/A
Games TimeSplitters 2, TimeSplitters Future Perfect

Mischief appearing in Timesplitters Future Perfect.

Mischief is a female clown in the Circus who appears in TimeSplitters 2 and TimeSplitters Future Perfect.


TimeSplitters 2Edit

TS2 Mischief Small Mischief

Star 2
Unlock Challenge > Monkeying Around > Monkey Mayhem with Silver or better
Gallery Mischief's happy smile and childlike manner hide her true nature, a psychotic killer with a love of death. The last person who twanged her braces ended up chopped to pieces in the taffy pulling machine.
Accuracy Agility Stamina
9/20 20/20 4/20

Mischief makes her first appearance in TimeSplitters 2. She has no role in Story mode, but makes solitary appearances in the Arcade League and a bot set. As her appearance suggests, she is centred around the Circus.

TimeSplitters Future PerfectEdit

TSFP Mischief Small

Star 2
Unlock Challenge > Monkeying Around > Brass Monkeys with Bronze or better
Gallery If she asks you round to the back of the coconut shy to pull some salt water taffy-just say no.
Gesture A drum-roll sounds, then she says "You got it"
Speed Stamina Shock Proof Fire Proof
6/8 4/8 5/8 5/8

Like several other Circus characters, Mischief makes a reappearance in TimeSplitters Future Perfect. Once again, her only roles are single appearances in the Arcade League, Challenge mode and a bot set.