Melon Heist
Game TimeSplitters Future Perfect
Section Monkeying Around
Map The Russian Connection-Water Tower
Character Elite Henchman
Enemies Encountered Monkey
Rewards Bronze: Elite Henchman
Medal Requirements Bronze: 750 points
Silver: 1200 points
Gold: 2000 points
Platinum: 2400 points

Melon Heist is one of the Monkeying Around Challenges for TimeSplitters Future Perfect. In the challenge you play the role of an Elite Henchman, who must snipe watermelons off the heads of monkeys who are walking around the dorms area of Russian Connection, much like Monkey Mayhem on TimeSplitters 2, from the water tower. Each successful hit gives you 100 points, whilst every time you hit the monkey instead, you lose 150 points. Combos can be performed by hitting two watermelons in a small frame of time (hit one right after the other.) The combo gives the player 300 points. Further combo scores are possible, when more then two melons are hit in quick succession.

Briefing Edit

Trouble's afoot at Khallos' secret Russian base. The secondhand circus monkeys he bought online from some dodgy bloke in Poland can't keep their thieving little paws off his melon stockpile. Anyway, it's your job to keep things under control - just aim for the fruit and don't hit the chimps. There's never a dull day as an evil henchman...

Strategy Edit