Mars Prison
Mars Prison
Size Large
Location On Mars
Climate None
Unlockable Unlocked by Default
Recommended Bots Lazarus Mumble
Angel Forge
Ghengis Kant
Lt. Black
Prison Officer
Mordecai Jones
Comrade Papadov
Ivor Baddic
Time Assassin
Recommended Weapons Sci-Fi Handgun
Plasma Autorifle
Sci-Fi Sniper
Rocket Launcher
Plasma Grenades
Timed Mines

Mars Prison in Timesplitters Future Perfect.

Mars Prison is set on Mars. It is one of the larger maps in TimeSplitters Future Perfect. It has several wide open courtyards navigated by a series of ramps and walkways. The map also has several buildings, like the Barracks and Bunker area.

The level is similar to Vietnam in the sense the bombs explode in the stage (but in this case being large plasma bombs).

This level is playable on Assault. The objectives are:

-Breach the Prison wall-- Involves attackers to obtain mines near the prison and blow up a large bomb near the wall. The defenses include six SFL Guns and two HA-4s.

-Override Security System-- Involves attackers to deactivate two terminals which take four seconds to override. Defenses include two CA-3s.

-Secure the Barracks-- Involves attackers to move to a set location, the barracks. Defenses include two CA-3s.

-Deactivate Prison Lockdown Involves attackers to deactivate one terminal which takes four seconds to override.

-Assassinate the Prisoner-- Involves attackers to move a large distance to the cells and shoot the imprisoned rebel. Defenses include three SFL Guns and one CA-3.

In Assault and Capture the Bag, the level is expanded to include the areas outside of the prison. The back entrance to the prison is sealed off during assault, for obvious reasons. The cell area is also accessible because it serves as a bag base, and the location of the final objective (Kill the prisoner) in Assault.