Size Large
Location Old Abandoned Mansion
Climate Dusk/Night/Abstract
Unlockable Complete the second set of three Story missions

The Mansion map is the same as it is in Story mode, only with every door open for ease of movement. It has a fair amount of corridors, but with a mix of reasonably big open areas in the foyer of the mansion, as well as the outside areas, where much action can take place.

Also, the wine cellar below the mansion is completely open to players, allowing tactical use of its many corridors and pillars which make for excellent duels or deathmatches.

Many tactics can be learned here, including the fact it is possible to aim down to the yards from upstairs windows for easy sniping, and the twisting routes in the corridors and attic still present a "maze" like feel. With the traditional eerie decor and creepy night sky with shadowy trees being seen beyond the mansion grounds, a spooky atmosphere is ever-present. Other items contributing to the creepy feel are the mansion's gallows standing alone in the backyard, as well as the numerous graves that are seemingly present in front of the mansion. A deathmatch played here has the potential to become a completely different experience!


  • When you shoot the chandelier in the foyer, it will move back and forth.


Timesplitters 1 showcase Mansion (Arcade)

Timesplitters 1 showcase Mansion (Arcade)

Mansion (Arcade) video