Male Soldier
Species Human
Size Normal
Native Timezone 2000
Related Characters Female Soldier
Gasmask Soldier
Shock Trooper
Games TimeSplitters
Male Soldier, not to be confused with Male SWAT, is a generic soldier. Like the Female Soldiers, they wear green and brown shaded clothing, armour plating over their front and black gloves and boots. They also wear a helmet with a visor over their eyes.


TS1 Male Soldier Small Male Soldier

Unlock Docks on Easy in 01:15.0
Gesture Steps forward and back saying "Sir yes sir!"
The Male Soldier's first and only appearance is in the original TimeSplitters. He is associated with the other soldiers and SWAT officers due to their very similar appearance and titles.


2000, DocksEdit

Main article: Docks (Story)

The Male Soldiers are one of three soldier types, attempting to prevent Jacques Misere and Olga Strom from proceeding with their mission of retrieving the ransom pickup.

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