Species Human
Size Normal
Native Timezone 1985
Related Characters Female SWAT
Gasmask SWAT
Veiled SWAT
Games TimeSplitters
Male SWAT, not to be confused with Male Soldier, is a generic SWAT officer. Like the female equivalent, they wear blue-grey and grey shaded clothing with yellow on their fronts and black gloves, boots and a belt. They also wear a helmet with a visor over their eyes.


TS1 Male SWAT Small Male SWAT

Unlock Complete Chemical Plant on Easy in 00:30.0
Gesture Gets ready saying "Oh boy, am I ready for this!"
The Male SWAT's first and only appearance is in the original TimeSplitters. He is associated with the other SWAT officers and Soldiers due to their very similar appearance and titles.


1985, Chemical PlantEdit

Main article: Chemical Plant (Story)

Male SWAT officers, alongside several other types, are sent out to search for some stolen jewels. It is up to them to stop Fingers McKenzie and Ravelle Velvet from carrying out their mission.