Main Objective is a mechanism used in the missions of Story mode of the TimeSplitters 2 and TimeSplitters Future Perfect. They are the needs to complete the mission. One main objective fail and the mission failed screen appears on your screen.

TimeSplitters 2Edit

In TimeSplitters 2, Main Objectives are used to organize a list of all the goals you have to complete. Two objectives are present in all missions (except in the last mission)

  • Retrieve Time Crystal
  • Escape through Time Portal

Difficulty ObjectivesEdit

In the Story Mode of TimeSplitters 2, the level of difficulty you choose at the level selection will change what objectives you must do for the level. Generally, Normal and Hard mode will change certain objectives in the level, either adding more in the former or making certain secondary objectives mandatory in the latter. These changes vary depending on the level. For certain levels, such as Notre Dame and Space Station, there are very few changes, while on others, like Return to Planet X and Aztec Ruins, the levels are vastly different and longer on Normal and Hard difficulty modes.

TimeSplitters Future PerfectEdit

In TimeSplitters Future Perfect, the Main Objectives has the same function of TimeSplitters 2, but now difficulty does not change much of anything objective-wise with the levels, making difficulty much less mandatory than it was in past games.


In Mapmaker things are different when you fail a Main Objective, mission does not end at the same time as in Story Mode. The mission continues until all goals are set or until you restart it. Besides the mission continues, the phrase "OBJECTIVES FAILED - MISSION RETRY" keeps appearing until you retry the mission.


  • Chicago, Atom Smasher and Space Station are only missions than can fail one objective in TimeSplitters 2.
  • "You Genius, U-Genix" has the highest amount of objectives for a mission in TimeSplitters Future Perfect.

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