Species Human
Size Normal
Native Timezone 1985
Related Characters N/A
Games TimeSplitters
Lumberjack is a generic lumberjack who appears in the original TimeSplitters. They wear blue jeans, brown boots and a white long-sleeved shirt under a green, short-sleeved flannelette shirt, as well as a red do-rag.



TS1 Lumberjack Small Lumberjack

Unlock Complete Chemical Plant on Hard
Gesture Grunts and walks forwards saying "Hmmm? I hear ya...", twirls gun then walks off screen saying "Let's roll..."

The Lumberjack's first and only appearance is in the original TimeSplitters. His role in Chemical Plant may suggest he is allied with the SWAT officers and acts on the good side of the law. However, his role in the Challenges, and the Usual Suspects Bot Set also suggests he is the opposite. It is a possibility they are an enemy of the protagonists of the level, or they want the jewels for themselves, which explains why they are so out of place in the level.


1985, Chemical PlantEdit

Main article: Chemical Plant (Story)

The Lumberjack appears as a generic enemy in the Chemical Plant, trying to stop Fingers McKenzie and Ravelle Velvet from recovering the stolen jewels.


  • His voice clips appear in TimeSplitters Future Perfect. It's possible he (Or a character using his voice clips) would have appeared, but was cut.