Luger Pistol
Ammo 7/53
Fire Rate
bullets per sec/cartridge time
Approx. 3 p/s
Reload Time TS2 SRT (1 sec)
Damage (per Single Shot)
Type Pistol
Native Timezone 1895 - 1932
Zoom No
Primary Fire Fire
Secondary Fire N/A
Games TS2

The Luger Pistol is a small, old-fashioned, semi-automatic pistol. The pistol is identical to the Silenced Pistol in terms of use and damage, but the Luger's magazine is short one round - seven rounds to a magazine, instead of the Silenced Pistol's eight. There is also a silenced variant called, aptly, the Silenced Luger, but it cannot be unlocked for use in custom weapon sets. It appears as dual wielded (Silenced Luger (x 2)) in the Recommended preset weapon selection for the Hospital level in deathmatch and other arcade custom levels.

In story mode, it sees use in Notre Dame (apparently wielded by Undead Priests), Chicago (silenced), and as a starting weapon for Captain Ash in the Aztec level, although in this case no additional ammunition is available throughout the whole level.

The Luger is frequently mistaken to be stronger than normal pistols, but the Silenced Pistol and the Luger are exactly the same in terms of damage.

The Luger shares ammo with the Silenced Pistol and the Silenced Luger (of course).

Trivia Edit

Luger Pistol

A Luger Pistol

Luger Pistol x2

Dual Lugers

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