Lip Up Fatty
Lip up fatty
Game TimeSplitters Future Perfect
League Honorary League
Section Mode Madness
Mode Assault
Map Mars Prison
Character Mordecai Jones
Accompanied by
Angel Forge
Ghengis Kant
Enemies Encountered INSETICK SD/10
Prison Officer
Rewards Bronze: Dozer
Medal Requirements Bronze: 10 mins
Silver: 7 mins
Gold: 5 mins 30 secs
Platinum: 2 mins 14 secs
World Record : 01:08.8

Lip Up Fatty is an Assault match that puts the Human/Cyborg characters from the Machine Wars story stages in the Mars Prison stage where the objective is to break into the prison and assassinate the prisoner, Dozer. The mission is named after a song by British ska band, Bad Manners.

Briefing Edit

The Machine forces have captured Fatty Dozer and under torture he's threatening to spill his guts about covert rebel operations in the Gamma Quadrant. Hard times call for desperate measures, so it's down to Mordecai Jones to lead a crack team into the prison and assassinate Dozer. It'll be kindness really...

Strategy Edit

Simply run, not bothering to shoot anything or anyone unless it is in your way. If you hurry, most of your squad will be left behind to handle the sentry guns and robot guards whilst you can easily breeze through the compound, idly doing the objectives. Platinum is fairly simple.

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