Lasting Impressions
Game TimeSplitters
Section 5
Mode Team Deathmatch
Map Tomb
Character Mary-Beth Casey
Accompanied by
The Impersonator
Enemies Encountered Cultist x2
Rewards Enemies turn to Impersonators
Medal Requirements 25 kills

Lasting Impressions is Challenge 5-B in the original TimeSplitters. It involves shooting Egyptian bots along side The Impersonator. It comes after First Impressions and before Who's he Trying to Impress?

Briefing Edit

Help the King to achieve to 1st place with at least 25 kills. Remember: you must not let the King die! You have 1 min 15 secs.

Strategy Edit

This one is quite simple, just put them down before they have a chance to grab a weapon. You can win by letting The Impersonator do the job for you as without you doing anything, as long as he doesn't die. The enemies most often don't get to grab a weapon before they go down.

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