Ammo 50 seconds of charging or shield
Fire Rate
bullets per sec/cartridge time
up to 2.5/3 shots per second
Reload Time N/A
Damage (per Single Shot)
Single Shot: 10%/7.5%/2.45%
Charged Shot: 50%/35%/25%
Type Other
Native Timezone 2315
Zoom Yes, x3.66
Primary Fire Fires single shot or charge shot
if fire button is held.
Secondary Fire Shield
Games TimeSplitters 2

The Lasergun view model and spawn model

The Lasergun only appears in TimeSplitters 2. The weapon's primary fire is a single laser shot, which can be charged up for a more powerful shot when the fire button is held down. Non-charged shots slowly home in on enemies. The charged shot is of medium range and once fired, instantly hits its target.

The alternate fire activates a shield that will partially protect the front of the player's body from bullet fire, although explosions and shots to the legs or the back will still do damage. When crouching, the head is not protected by the shield. A similar shield is used in TimeSplitters Future Perfect's Sci-Fi Sniper.

Constantly charging the Lasergun and/or activating the shield will slowly drain the ammo gauge.

Noise GlitchEdit

If a player charging the Lasergun gets killed, the charging sound may continue after the player's death. The Lasergun sound will get stuck in the specific spot where the player with the Lasergun died, so the closer you are to that spot, the louder the charging sound is. The only way to turn off the sound is to end the match.

A similar glitch happens with the Minigun and TSFP's Injector.


  • Interestingly, Sergeant Cortez jumps into the time portal with the Lasergun but does not start with it when he goes through the different time periods.
  • When Cortez uses the weapon, it seems to shoot the primary fire's plasma in full auto. He is also seen firing a non-plasma based grenade from it.
  • It also has some kind of reflex sight attached on it but it is never used

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