Lady Jayne
Species Human
Size Normal
Native Timezone 1935
Related Characters Captain Ash (Ally)
Games TimeSplitters

For the sidekick character of the TS2 mission Chicago, see Lady Jane.

Lady Jayne is a character in the original TimeSplitters. She wears a turquoise dress, a fur coat, high heels and a turquoise hat similar to a pillbox.



TS1 Lady Jayne Small Lady Jayne

Unlock Default
Gesture Says "Okay!" then shoots her Tommy Gun around the screen.

Lady Jayne appears in the first game as one of the 18 Story protagonists. She features around the Tomb (Story) and Horror elements.


1935, TombEdit

Main article: Tomb (Story)

Lady Jayne appears as one of the playable characters in the Tomb mission to search and retrieve the Ankh to stop the Cultist's ritual. She appeared alongside Captain Ash in this level.


  • Some have speculated that Lady Jayne is The Jungle Queen after having becoming 'civilised', although there is little to no evidence to support this.
    • Her name could be a reference to 'Jane Porter', the character who civilized the eponymous character in the Tarzan novels.
  • Lady Jane shares the same gesture as Female SWAT, although she uses a Tommy Gun instead of a M16 to shoot.

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