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  • A "killed [character]" screen from TimeSplitters Future Perfect
  • A corpse from the original TimeSplitters
  • The game over screen from TimeSplitters 2 or TimeSplitters Future Perfect

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Kills and Deaths are the most common form of scoring in the TimeSplitters series.


Timesplitters 2 Showcase Death Animations

Timesplitters 2 Showcase Death Animations

Once a character has had all their health removed, they are dead, and have been killed. Also take note of the caption displaying who the character was killed by, or in the assailant's case who they've killed (Future Perfect only). Deathmatch game modes use the amount of kills as the score method. These include the original Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch (which is an option from the original TimeSplitters under a normal Deathmatch); Leech, Regeneration, and Vampire from TimeSplitters 2 and Shrink from both TimeSplitters 2 and TimeSplitters Future Perfect. It should be noted that the Vampire in TimeSplitters Future Perfect only allows an Elimination style game, where TimeSplitters 2 allowed both Deathmatch and Elimination. In Gladiator, only a Gladiator's kill counts to their score.

Game modes also allow deaths to have an impact on the scoring system. Deathmatches can allow the "kills-losses" settings which removes the amount of times a player has died from the amount of times a player has killed. The game mode Elimination is all about deaths and doesn't take into consideration the amount a player has killed. A more camp-friendly game mode, players start with a limited amount of lives and the aim of the game is to not die. Vampire in all appearances, only if turned on TimeSplitters 2, allows a less camp-friendly take on game mode where the Vampire gauge is filled when a kill is obtained and reduces as time progresses. In this game mode a player must kill to keep their vampire gauge up and fend off other players to keep their lives up.

Losses can also have different impacts on other game modes. A loss in any game mode will leave a temporary corpse (except when the final life of an Elimination game is removed) accompanied by a single weapon. The newly respawned character will have full health, no armour and no weapons except the first if the matching setting is on. All powerups obtained before death are also removed.

In Elimination games a life is lost, and in a Vampire setting the vampire gauge is reset. In Deathmatches, a player loses a point if the setting are told to do so. In Gladiator, if a Gladiator is killed their power is relinquished to their killer.

In BagTag and Capture the Bag, if a player with the bag is killed, they drop the bag too.


The effect kills and deaths can have on the player changes from game to game.


In TimeSplitters, if a player dies they fail the mission and have to restart from the start. If in Co-Operative, if a player dies the remaining player can continue without them. To finish the level a player must move their character over the red circle with the item, so if a battle plan is to take the second player to the end of the level, and the first player to the item will not work, and if the first player dies, the second player will have to pick up the item and run back to the end.

TimeSplitters 2Edit

Timesplitters 2 Showcase Game Over

Timesplitters 2 Showcase Game Over


In TimeSplitters 2 it is mostly the same. Falling in single mode will allow the player to quit, restart level, or restart from checkpoint. A difference is in TimeSplitters 2, a player does not have the Time Crystal in their inventory to finish the level. However, the "end" of a level is the time portal, which is only created once all other missions are cleared. So if the time crystal is the final mission in Co-Op, the second player could stand where the time portal will be while the first player gets the time crystal. If the first player dies, the Time Portal will disappear, and the second player will have to pick up the Time Crystal from the first player's corpse and take it to the newly stabilised Time Portal. The only other unique inventory item required for the story of TimeSplitters 2 is the Digital Camera in NeoTokyo. If a player dies with the Digital Camera, they will not drop it and therefore the level cannot be completed.

TimeSplitters Future PerfectEdit


TimeSplitters Future Perfect takes a different method. If the player dies they fail and can restart from the beginning of the level or a checkpoint. If either player dies in Co-Op, they also fail and have the same options given. This means strategic ideas where the first player dies to allow the second player to live and complete the level is not possible.