Jacket Zombie
Species Human/Zombie
Size Normal
Native Timezone 1965
Related Characters None
Games TimeSplitters

Jacket Zombie is a generic Zombie character. They get their name from the characteristic black jacket they wear with bloodstained jeans. They also have blood on their hands, while their pupils are glazed over, and their skin is pale and decayed. On the back of their jacket is an emblem with the words "FRD Chapter".



TS1 Jacket Zombie Small Jacket Zombie

Unlock Challenge > 1-C Dusk of the Dead
Gesture Stumbles forward.

Jacket Zombie made his first and only appearance in the original TimeSplitters in the TimeSplitters series. He plays most of his roles within the Section 1 Challenges, as well as the Mansion Story Mission and from there on, in horror and Undead related Bot Sets.

He also appears in the Village Story Mission in the basement of the tavern standing idly until you walk up to him, outside the tavern as well wielding a tommy gun in normal, and on the ground floor in the door way in hard.


1965, Gallows Hill MansionEdit

Main article: Mansion (Story)

The Jacket Zombies appear at the Gallows Hill Mansion as generic enemies. Among the zombies are Mutants, also controlled by the curse of the building. Both Mary-Beth Casey and Peekaboo Jones go to the mansion, with their only objective being to relieve the curse of the mansion, traipsing through the living dead who attack them. The Jacket Zombies walk around wielding Shotguns, and like other zombies, can only be killed once their head is removed.


FRD Chapter crop ▪ The emblem on this zombie's jacket is an obvious reference to Free Radical Design, the creators of the TimeSplitters series.

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