Ammo 8/40
Fire Rate
bullets per sec/cartridge time
3 p/sec
Reload Time 1.5 secs
Damage (per Single Shot)

but Instant Death if hit twice within three seconds

Type Other
Native Timezone 2052
Zoom Yes, x2
Primary Fire Shoots Dart
Secondary Fire none
Games TimeSplitters Future Perfect

The Injector is a gun found in TimeSplitters Future Perfect. It is a small gun that fires darts that have the potential to inflate and explode the unfortunate enemy who is shot by them. The grisly, morbid explosion will cause splash damage to anyone standing too close to the Injector's victim and send meat flying everywhere. If the darts are shot into a wall or at the ground, the darts can be picked up and reused. Any player hit by a dart will begin to inflate, but it will stop if he/she is only shot once within a period of three seconds. If, in this period of three seconds, another dart sinks into the unfortunate victim's body, death becomes inevitable and the victim starts to inflate, even if they had armour. When a player begins to inflate, their screen begins to stretch. To speed the explosion up, fire more darts into the victim and it will explode more quickly. The Injector does not follow auto-aim. Interestingly, robots and cyborgs will inflate and explode and send blood and meat flying everywhere as well. For starters, and most obviously, robots don't have blood or muscle, and therefore should not explode. Secondly, the darts inject something into the victim, which travels around the body via the veins. This cannot and should not happen to a robot. Aside from that, it is hilarious to watch bots inflate and explode into a red mist with meat.

NOTE: Use of this weapon in MapMaker will cause the weapon to function as it does in 'You Genius, U-Genix' or Arcade appropriately. In a Story map, the injector neither does damage to the body or inflates targets, though it can still headshot AI for an instant kill - it is also worth mentioning that the injector will not treat Freaks as they are treated in 'You Genius, U-Genix'. In Arcade custom maps, the injector will inflate & explode Bots as usual.


The sound of a player inflating can get stuck, continuing even when the inflation has ceased. It happens most often if an inflating player is killed before they explode. The inflation sound gets stuck in a spot, so the closer you are to it, the louder it is. This happens if the inflating player/bot is killed by an explosion or another bullet. They will die and then deflate back to normal and the sound will get stuck, for about 10 seconds.

Role in TimeSplitters Future PerfectEdit

In the Story level You Genius, U-Genix, the Injector is the most effective way to kill The Freaks (one dart equals one kill). It is also featured in the Arcade levels Chinese and Hotel.

Its not recommend to use the Injector on Freaks that are close to you, the Freaks leap forward when injected and explode, if one leaps towards you and explodes right next to you then the bloody explosion can do serious damage to you (and even kill you on Hard difficulty). As with all explosions in the Timesplitters series, for roughly 2 seconds, after the explosion, moving through the aftermath can minimally damage the player, so stop before moving on to the next area.


  • The gun seems to have a scope attached to it but it's never used.
  • The Injector's firing sounds are taken from the Tranqualizer in Second Sight, another Free Radical Design game.
  • Lines of dialogue cut from the game suggest this weapon would have originally been acquired in Mansion of Madness and used against Zombies.

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