I Can't Hear Anyone Screaming
Game TimeSplitters
Section 9
Mode Deathmatch
Map Spaceship
Character Sebastian Photon
Bots TimeSplitter 1

TimeSplitter 2 x5

Rewards "TimeSplitters" Bot set

I Can't Hear Anyone Screaming is Challenge 9-A from the original TimeSplitters. It involves shooting TimeSplitters on a Spaceship where the crew were slaughtered. It comes after Bone Grab and before Flight Delay.

Briefing Edit

TimeSplitters have overrun your spacecraft and slaughtered the entire crew. Teach them a lesson by blasting at least 60 of the uncharitable critters in 5 minutes.

Strategy Edit

The key thing to this strategy is knowing the map - The Spaceship is one of the most complicated maps in the game to navigate. Large twisting turns, very samey hallways, and some of the ways to go up and down are not immediately present. Knowing the map is ideal for doing this challenge effectively. Practice running around this map (If you have it unlocked, that is... If not, Planet X on Normal unlocks it) to learn the layout to effectively travel around. It's also a good idea to know how the radar works.

Otherwise, the thing to note is the Splitters will not go after you - Camping is useless. You have to hunt them down to kill them. They can spawn in any of the three "levels" of the spaceship; Generally, going into the room with the circle pad with the green grid is enough to draw the Splitters on the upper levels to jump down to attack you. For the ones below, you'll have to find one of two ramps that go down. Both of them are stuck in fairly hard to notice areas (generally inside of hallways), so practice the map to learn where the ramps are.

Splitters can kill you very easily, but that's not too much of an issue, since you can respawn instantly. Just make sure you find an Autorifle to use quickly so you don't waste too much time.

Trivia Edit

  • The title of the level is a reference to the tagline of the film Alien: "In space no one can hear you scream".

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