Size Large
Location An abandoned Hotel
Climate Dark/misty
Unlockable Unlocked by Default
Recommended Bots Brains
Berserker Splitter
The Freak
Nurse Sputum
Lenny Oldburn
The Deerhaunter
Clip Clamp
Jacque de la Morte
Dr. Pustule
Recommended Weapons Kruger 9mm (x2)
Proximity Mines
Ghost Gun
Hotel is a TimeSplitters Future Perfect map. With the exception of the courtyard, most of the map is set inside the dark, spooky Hotel. Zombies roam the empty, abandoned halls. Signs of an early struggle against the horde by survivors include still-burning braziers, and chained doors, presumably to keep the horror out, or the victims in...


Hotel Easter Egg

The radiator

  • If stray bullets hit the radiators, steam bursts out that will injure anyone that goes into it.
  • There are also pipes running along certain ceilings & walls that can be shot. These will also let steam burst out that will almost certainly kill anyone unlucky enough to stray into it. However, due to the circular nature of the pipes, it is sometimes difficult to get the steam to burst out at just the correct angle.
  • At the top of one of the stairways and in one of the corridors leading to the courtyard, 'RUDREM' is scrawled on the walls in blood. This is a reference to the infamous 'REDRUM' in Stephen King's The Shining, albeit slightly altered.
  • In the courtyard, either side of the fences there are windows with fire bursting from them. As you're looking at the building, on the left is a window on fire that's at first floor level, and on the right there's a window unleashing fire on the ground floor level. The fire from neither can be seen on the inside.
  • Some of the boxes lying around are first aid boxes. Others have a 'no cows' sign on them.
  • There are newspapers lying around called 'The Shout' that have Crow's face on the front, as well as the headline 'Panic! Run away'.

Playable ModesEdit