High Priest
Enemy2 pic
Species Human
Size Normal
Native Timezone 1920
Related Characters Aztec Warrior
Games TimeSplitters 2, TimeSplitters Future Perfect

High Priest appearing in Timesplitters Future Perfect


High Priest in Timesplitters 2.

The High Priests appear as one of the types of enemies guarding the Aztec Lost Temple of T'hochek that is explored by Captain Ash in TimeSplitters 2. They are the leaders of the Aztec Warriors.


TimeSplitters 2Edit

TS2 High Priest High Priest

Star 4
Unlock Arcade League > Elite League > Duel Meaning > Golden Thighs with Gold or better
Gallery Yeah? Well this dude thinks you look pretty strange too!
Accuracy Agility Stamina
14/20 6/20 13/20

The High Priest makes his first appearance in TimeSplitters 2 as one of the enemies fought in the Aztec Story mission. Outside of that, he makes a single appearance in the Arcade League, as well as a couple of Bot Sets.

TimeSplitters Future PerfectEdit

TSFP High Priest Small High Priest

Star 4
Unlock Default
Gallery Yeah? Well this dude thinks you look pretty strange too!
Gesture Throws a Cortez cardboard cut out off screen and says "You got real deal right here, baby boy!"
Speed Stamina Shock Proof Fire Proof
5/8 5/8 5/8 2/8

The High Priest returns in TimeSplitters Future Perfect. This time he has no role in Story mode, but does appear in a couple of Arcade League matches and a bot set.

Trivia Edit

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