Hick Hyde
Hick hyde
Species Human/Mutant
Size Normal
Native Timezone 1950
Related Characters None
Games TimeSplitters
Hick Hyde is a mutant appearing only in the original TimeSplitters. He appears to wear no shirt and has a heavily disfigured left arm. He also wears blue jeans and a white cowboy hat.



TS1 Hick Hyde Small Hick Hyde

Unlock Complete Village on Normal in 03:00.0
Gesture Stumbles about gibbering "Hey! Let me see here—" (burp) "Woo doggie! I got me some shootin' to do!"
Hick Hyde appears as one of the generic enemies of the Village story mission. He also appears in three challenges and a bot set.


1950, VillageEdit

Main article: Village (Story)

In a village in the 1950s, a cursed artifact that heavily mutated the inhabitants was discovered. It is the mission of two scientists, Doctor Seth Graven and Doctor Katje Nadir, to return this artifact for deeper research. However, the mutants seem to be against this, either by choice or via mind control. Only death will stop the mutants from trying to preserve the artifact hidden beneath the village.


  • Hick Hyde was originally going to be named Hick Mutant.
  • Hick Hyde and The Freak share several similarities. Both use the same voice clips, are shirtless, and have a mutated left arm. Both are also the only mutants in the series that are openly artificial, but lack the 'Mutant' suffix in their name.
  • In his gesture, he has a green potion, a reference to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde where Dr. Jekyll drinks a green potion and changes into Mr. Hyde, hence the name Hick Hyde.