Harry Tipper
Species Human
Size Normal
Native Timezone 1969 - 1972
Related Characters Swinging Tipper (Alternate outfit)
Kitten Celeste (Girlfriend)
Christine Malone (Co-worker)
Archibald Khallos (Arch-Nemesis)
Games TimeSplitters
TimeSplitters 2
TimeSplitters Future Perfect

Harry Tipper is one of the few characters of the TimeSplitters series who has reprized his role in all three games. In TimeSplitters 2 and TimeSplitters Future Perfect he attempts to foil the evil plans of his arch-nemesis, Khallos.

Very little about Harry Tipper's backstory has been revealed, but we can assume that he may have been born into a wealthy family. It is unknown if he has any personal motivations for being a detective or his reasons for becoming a spy. He is the joint owner of the Disco known as "The Big Tipper", and always has a wide selection of clothing, both male and female, at hand. In every appearance and attire, Harry sports his shades and his moustache.



TS1 Harry Tipper Small Det. Harry Tipper
Harry Tipper

Unlock Default
Gesture Takes a comb out of his gun holster and combs his hair back while saying "Oh yeah... that's right!"

Tipper TS1 Render

Harry Tipper's 1970s original TimeSplitters cop outfit

Harry appears in the original TimeSplitters in a 1970s cop outfit. This includes a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a blue tie, blue jeans and smart brown shoes. He appears as one of the male protagonists of the game's Story.

TimeSplitters 2Edit

TS2 Harry Tipper Harry Tipper

Star 5
Unlock Default
Gallery The crime busting skills of ex-New York vice cop Harry Tipper are now employed in the fight against international supervillains. This time he's got a license to chill - nice tux Harry!
Accuracy Agility Stamina
16/20 12/20 10/20
Harry Ts2pper

Harry Tipper as he appears in TimeSplitters 2

Harry appears in TimeSplitters 2 wearing a blue suit and sporting his shades and a moustache. New to this game, Kitten Celeste is discovered to be his girlfriend, and again new, Khallos appears to be his arch nemesis, though 1972 isn't the first recorded time they met.

TimeSplitters Future PerfectEdit

TSFP Harry Tipper Small Harry Tipper

Star 3
Unlock Default
Gallery Very Special Agent Tipper. Licensed to chill and the grooviest cat in town.
Gesture While holding a revolver upwards, does a '70s style boogie dance and says "Right on! Let's go man! We gotta boogie!"
Speed Stamina Shock Proof Fire Proof
5/8 5/8 5/8 5/8

Tipper TS3 Render

Harry Tipper as he appears in TimeSplitters Future Perfect

Harry Tipper returns in TimeSplitters Future Perfect wearing a white shirt and blue trousers. He wears a belt, brown shoes, a blue vest and his trademark shades and moustache. His attire is set in 1969, his earliest chronological appearance to date.



1969, Stanizlav Train DepotEdit

Main article: The Russian Connection

When Sergeant Cortez met Harry Tipper, he was spying on Khallos, who was angry at Tipper for ruining his plans for world domination so he kidnapped Harry's girlfriend, Kitten Celeste. Cortez and Tipper worked together to sneak through the defences and managed to evade Khallos's Henchmen. Harry decided to traverse some sewer pipes and rendezvous with Cortez under a water tower. To get past the security cameras at the front gate Harry went to the barracks and stole some henchman uniforms. As he no Henchman outfits that fit, he was stuck wearing a Henchwoman's outfit. Posing as guards while wearing Henchman uniforms, the duo restarted the power inside the base and fought their way to the sub-levels. They were separated when Harry had to rescue some hostages, but both managed to board The Khallos Express and continue their hunt for Khallos.

1969, Train SystemEdit

Main article: The Khallos Express
"Woo-hoo! This is the most fun I've had with another guy!"
Harry Tipper

Tipper helped Cortez board the train and the two then traveled from car to car searching for Khallos, in the hope of preventing the launch of a nuclear weapon he had stolen from the French and was planning to use to start World War III. They battled two Helicopters and deactivated the missile just before engaging Khallos himself. The two then eventually stopped the train just before it ran over Kitten Celeste, Tipper's girlfriend.

1970, Chinese RestaurantEdit

Main article: Chinese (Story)

In TimeSplitters, Tipper is not acting as a secret agent, but rather as a police officer. If we are to assume that the Tipper in all three games inhabit the same unbroken timeline, this would suggest that something happened that caused a temporary demotion, or there may have been a personal decision to perform a lower echelon job. The 1970 Tipper, however, may occupy a divergent timeline caused by the TimeSplitter War, and may never have been a secret agent at all. In 1970, Detective Tipper raided a Chinese Restaurant, alongside Lieutenant Christine Malone, that is a front for a criminal ring that includes Mister Big. They gathered the gang's files, and escaped.

1972, Khallos IslandEdit

Harry Tipper2

Harry Tipper on Khallos Island, 1972

Main article: Atom Smasher

Two years later, Harry was once again acting as a secret agent, or so it would appear. Captured by Khallos, he managed to free himself from his prison, saved himself from an almost certain death, and deactivated various explosives around the Atom Smasher base before ensuring that Khallos met his final demise once and for all, or so it seemed. He is aided by his girlfriend, Kitten Celeste, and the two of them escaped together.

Trivia Edit

  • In the mission "The Khallos Express", Harry Tipper throws a henchman off the train and says, "No ticket" as a reference to either Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade or the Kevin Smith film Dogma, which had this line as a reference to Last Crusade.
  • The Harry Tipper part of the Story Mode features elements from various spy films. Some elements include Tipper's arch-nemesis, Khallos, who is a suitably generic-looking villain, and the ridiculous uniforms which may be a partial reference to the Austin Powers series of films.
  • Harry Tipper's voice is radically different in TimeSplitters Future Perfect than when compared to the previous games, in both sound and manner of speaking.
  • Interestingly, Cortez asks Tipper "Who are you?" when they meet in TimeSplitters 3, despite having inherited Tipper's body in TimeSplitters 2 (this had not yet happened in Tipper's timeline, but for Cortez, it had). Cortez also does not appear to recognize Khallos, despite fighting him in TimeSplitters 2 (and possibly being captured as well, although it could be that Cortez had not possessed Tipper during the "torture scene" sequence). However, Khallos does look considerably different in TimeSplitters Future Perfect, and Cortez can only see him from a distance when he asks, suggesting that Cortez simply did not recognize Khallos. This still does not explain why he had to ask who Tipper was, although Tipper, too, appears slightly different, and Cortez may have simply missed the chance to note what Tipper looked like while he possessed him in the previous game.
  • While the game's creators insist that The Russian Connection happened after Atom Smasher, several in-game things contradict. Most obvious is that The Russian Connection is set in 1969 as opposed to 1972 for Atom Smasher; and while Khallos is alive in The Russian Connection and doesn't die in The Khallos Express (at least, his death isn't seen), he is gunned down and his corpse is presumably destroyed in Atom Smasher. So although Atom Smasher clearly happened after the The Russian Connection for Tipper, The Russian Connection in fact happened after Atom Smasher for Cortez, resulting in potential confusion over perspective.
  • Despite being one of the chief characters in the series, Tipper's contribution to the TimeSplitter War only amounts to four years. Cortez meets up with Tipper, who is an agent in the story mission 1969 " Russian Connection" and helps lead him all the way onto a train where Khallos is waiting for them. Cortez ends up fighting Khallos, but does not kill him; Khallos's jet pack malfunctions and shoots him into the sky. While this is happening, Khallos yells " I will have my revenge!" Harry Tipper then (for unknown reasons) becomes a police officer in 1970, then back to a secret agent in 1972, where Khallos is (seemingly) finally defeated.
  • Dialogue in The Khallos Express reveals that Khallos has been scheming for roughly 20 years, and that he was "foiled every time by that damn Harry Tipper".
  • Ben Newman confirmed that in Timesplitters: Future Perfect, there was an idea for alternate costumes for the characters. One of Harry Tipper’s was supposed to be his original ‘sabotage’ inspired New York detective outfit.
  • In the beginning of The Russian Connection, Tipper informs Cortez that Khallos stole a missile from the French. However, near the end of The Khallos Express, Tipper says "A French missile?", hinting he did not know it was French. Probably an oversight.
  • He is one of the only characters in the series to have more than one voice set to himself.

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