Harpoon Gun
Harpoon Gun TS3
Ammo 36/12
Fire Rate
bullets per sec/cartridge time
3.3 harpoons per second
Reload Time 1.6s
Damage (per Single Shot)
Type Heavy Weapon/Other
Native Timezone 1924 - 1994
Zoom Yes, x1.33
Primary Fire Fires a harpoon
Secondary Fire none
Games TSFP

The Harpoon gun is a powerful medium range weapon. In Story mode, this is found during the What Lies Below and You Take The High Road levels.

Tips Edit

The harpoon gun is useful for stationary enemies that are quite far away, particularly if you are at different heights. Harpoons can be reused after an enemy has died or they miss, so you can restock the ammo lost so long as they are in a recoverable area. Since harpoons take time to travel through the air, they aren't the best first choice for long-range precision shots and since there's a delay between shots, they aren't good for high-intensity close-quarter combat, but they are good for all the situations in between. The only major draw-back of the harpoon gun is that, if you don't recover the harpoons you've fired, you will find yourself running out of them quite quickly in most levels.

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Reloading the Harpoon Gun


Zombie survival - harpoon gun (A Timesplitters Future Perfect Story Map)

Zombie survival - harpoon gun (A Timesplitters Future Perfect Story Map)

Harpoon Gun in operation


  • As weird as it is, characters can survive a harpoon sticking through their heads in arcade mode. However, in story mode, Jo-Beth Casey can be "zombified" if you shoot a few harpoons through her head.
  • The Harpoon Gun is much like the Crossbow from TimeSplitters 2, as both have a decaying parabolic trajectory, as well as reusable ammo. However, the Crossbow can be lit on fire, has a slightly faster fire rate, and a clip size of 4.
  • Even when completely out of ammo, the Harpoon Gun will still have a harpoon loaded and drawn back.
  • If dropped by an enemy, the weapon itself will not appear on the ground. Instead will appear a harpoon in its place. Collecting this though will still add the weapon to the player's inventory (or add ammo if already collected).