Hangar Hats Off!
Game TimeSplitters 2
League Elite League
Section Frantic Series
Mode Team Deathmatch
Map Hangar
Character Sgt. Shock
Bots Capt. Night

Lt. Shade
Private Coal
Trooper Black
Henchman x4


Dark Henchman
Medal Requirements

30 kills
30 kills in 02:00.0
30 kills in 01:30.0
30 kills in 01:15.0
30 kills in 00:45.9

Hangar Hats Off! is an Arcade League scenario in TimeSplitters 2. It is part of the Elite League's Frantic Series, depicting a Team Deathmatch between the Special Forces and Khallos's henchmen.


The Henchmen think they're hard enough to beat a Special Forces' Team in a shootout down at the old Hangar. They need to be taught a lesson. Professional soldiers don't prance around dressed like bananas - and baseball caps and IR goggles are so 90's...


Firstly, this challenge is on frantic setting, so you're moving extremely fast. You have some teammates, so use them to help you score points, and try to spread out with allies, in order to score more kills. The weapon set is reasonably powerful, other than the Silenced Pistol x2 you start with, so try and get your hands on the Tactical 12-Gauge or the Lasergun to help you, or the Soviet S47 so you can make use of its powerful grenades.

Another strategy would be to go to the area where the moving box (held by a crane) travels down to floor level (in a room full of metal crates), then you should find a Soviet S47 - get it and move into the corner to the right of the closest door. Your enemies should come to you on two fronts - use your radar to see them approaching. When you are confronted - OPEN FIRE! If you are taken on on both sides chuck a couple of grenades to one and fire on the other! If your team-mates do their bit too, then this match should be a breeze!

  • An alternative strategy, which will most likely award you platinum, is to restart if you don't spawn near enough to the max damage. The max damage will help you in getting platinum. Now go to the hangar, as pretty much everything you will need is here, such as the Lasergun which is probably the best weapon to use, the Rocket Launcher which is good but perhaps too far away to be worth getting, the Soviet S47 which is a good back up if you run out of ammo for those two, plus the armour. Use the radar to spot enemies, mainly the ones in the hangar, but go into other rooms if necessary. If you use the Soviet S47, then make use of the grenades.

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