Size Large
Location Khallos' Hangar
Climate Indoors
Unlockable Arcade League > Beginners' Series
> Top Shot with a Bronze or higher
Recommended Bots Henchman
Dr. Peabody
Harry Tipper
Kitten Celeste
Dark Henchman
Ilsa Nadir
Gregor Lenko
Feeder Zombie
Recommended Weapons Silenced Pistol (x2)
Soviet S47
Tactical 12-Gauge
Rocket Launcher

Hangar is an Arcade Custom map from TimeSplitters 2. It, as the name suggests, is situated in an airplane hangar.

Description Edit

Around half the map is taken up by a huge hangar enclosing an "un-enterable" plane. Other areas include a cargo room and a baggage-pickup room. There are also 2 antechambers connecting the two areas and the hangar.

This is one of the three maps in TS2 available for Assault. In the Arcade challenge Superfly Lady you are supposed to stop the plane from leaving the hangar, thus preventing Khallos from escaping.

As well as Superfly Lady, the map is also home to the arcade challenge's, Top Shot, and Hangar Hats Off!.

Modes Available Edit


  • The hovering crate you see in the level can be ridden on. This counts as "Surf Time" In your statistics.

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