Hack a Hacker
Ze TSWiki Arcade 22 Hack a Hacker
Game TimeSplitters 2
League Honorary League
Section Team Series B
Mode Team Deathmatch
Map Compound
Character Riot Officer
Accompanied by
Riot Officer x2
Enemies Encountered Sadako
Rewards Silver: Milkbaby
Gold: Krayola
Medal Requirements Bronze: 20 Kills
Silver: 20 Kills in 1 min 40.0 secs
Gold: 20 Kills in 1 min 20.0 secs
Platinum: 20 Kills in 1 min 00.0 secs

Hack a Hacker is an Honorary League Team Deathmatch of Team Series B in TimeSplitters 2. You play on a Riot Officer team, in a face off with Sadako's gang.

Briefing Edit

Sadako's gang have been selling warez down at the Compound. It's time for the anti-piracy riot squad to instigate a crackdown. They made 20 illegal copies - so kill them 20 times!

Strategy Edit

Not so much a strategy but some tips to try to get a good award. Your friends will do a lot of the work so after a few attempts you should find you've got a gold but a platinum will take a lot of hard work or maybe it's more luck. It's a bit of a mad panic, stay mainly outside and use the radar to find the enemies and kill them as quickly as you can. The SBP90 Machinegun is probably the best weapon but the Lasergun is surprisingly good at long range, and the Plasma AutoRifle isn't really worth using unless you want to use the grenades.

  • By doing absolutely nothing and letting your allies do all the work, a silver will normally be achieved, and occasionally, a gold.

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