Gun Emplacements or 'Turrets' are stationary weapons found within the entire series.


TimeSplitters (Game)Edit

TimeSplitters 1 turrets are of a slim build, and fire plasma rounds at high velocity out of a pair of long barrels. Like many other weapons in the series, the TimeSplitters 1 turret has two fire modes; the secondary mode fires rounds more accurately, but at a reduced rate of fire. This turret only appears in the Last Stand game mode in Planet X and Warzone (including the Challenge Space Vandals).

TimeSplitters 2Edit

Story Mode Edit

Gun Turrets can be found in the Siberia, Return to Planet X and the Space Station Missions. They come with a pair of heavy machine guns and a mounted missile pod on the right hand side. The gunner can fire these with precise accuracy and can utilise the homing missiles to knock out more nimble targets, although these are less effective than their hand held counterparts. These turrets have limited ammo but are refreshed frequently.

Siberia Edit

Three shielded turrets can be found at the top of Oblask Dam and can be useful when dealing with the boss that attacks the player. They have reinforced blast shields which gives Cortez some degree of protection but must watch out for enemy reinforcements who will charge towards Cortez from either side of the dam. With quick reactions, the player can bring enemies down with ease.

Return to Planet X Edit

A trio of futuristic shielded turrets can be found on the first beach area, where the laser fence blocks Cortez from venturing deeper through the valley. They have limited ammo but can be used against the invading Meezor and their UFOs.

On Normal and Hard, the player will need to operate a bigger version, which acts as an Anti Air Defense, against a fleeing swarm of UFOs. This one has no missiles but compensates for it with a battery of six plasma cannons that can fire in turn or simultaneously.

Space Station Edit

When Cortez exits the airlock to the exposed part of the station, there is a unique bronze turret to use against incoming TimeSplitter ships. This has no rockets and fires at a severely reduced fire rate, but instantly destroys the ships in one hit.

Multiplayer Edit

TS2 Gun Turret

Timesplitters 2 beta turret

Shielded and Unshielded Turrets are featured in the Arcade and Mapmaker maps.

Ice Station Edit

Two unshielded gun turrets protect both sides of the central building, covering the corner sponsons. They have little ammo but are deadly to those caught out in the open - though since the user is exposed, a single well aimed rocket or sniper shot can easily kill them, making these weapons a deadly gamble. The ammo also replenishes itself after a while.

Training Grounds Edit

Two unshielded guns can be found in the bunkers overlooking their respective entryways leading into the canyon. The stone structures give some protection to the users but it only takes a well aimed shot to knock out the gunner. These have much more ammo than their Ice Station counterparts.

MapMaker Edit

Shielded Guns can be placed in MapMaker maps. Much like the unshielded guns in Training Grounds, these have maximum ammo and come with shields to help protect the player against enemy attack.

TimeSplitters Future PerfectEdit

The turrets featured in this game have unlimited ammo but can now overheat instead. They are relatively hard to aim due to their huge muzzle flashes, but the high recoil of their predecessors is gone.

Story Mode Edit

Time to Split Edit

The gun emplacement, found in the area before HQ's entrance is a powerful plasma turret. Although firing slower than it's WWI counterpart it's just as damaging and cannot overheat. Cortez uses this to protect his marine allies from an impending Beserker Splitter attack.

Scotland the Brave Edit

A Vickers machine gun is used by the Urnsay troopers to stop Cortez and Captain Ash from ascending the trail from the beach, though (If not on Hard) it will be targeted by an ally bomber shortly after and can be used against the enemy. A second one can be found mounted to the back of a truck, which can be used by either the player or the Captain, depending on whose driving.

The Khallos Express Edit

A turret similar to the Scotland the Brave turret appears near the beginning of the level. It is inside of the room filled with explosive barrels. If not killed, the henchmen in the room may arm the turret. Outside of that, it is completely useless to the player since enemies will not attack in a position for you to use the turret. It functions identically to the Scotland the Brave turret otherwise. What's interesting to note is it sounds very similar to Splitter Crow's machine guns during Future Perfect.

MapMaker Edit

Turrets can be placed in MapMaker levels to be used in Story and Arcade though more there is three types available:

  • Bullet: This turret can be configured to use bullets, plasma or laser shots.
  • Explosive: Launching either grenades, plasma grenades to rockets or HeatSeeker rockets.
  • Exotic: A mounted ElectroTool, including secondary fire.

Likewise all three reflect the map's current tileset.

  • Egyptian Tileset: Aforementioned Vickers Machine Gun
  • Horror Tileset: Steampunk looking wooden turrets with a pair of revolving brass cylinders.
  • Military Tileset: Modern infantry HMGs, resembling the M60 machine gun.
  • Lab Tileset: Sleek, white turrets.
  • VR Tileset: Virtual, red chunky turrets; Their size protects the majority of the gunner's hitbox.

All three types can have their turn radius changed and the type of ammo can be changed by going into their properties menu.

Arcade Edit


Urnsay Machine Gun Turret


The only gun emplacements that appear in Arcade Mode, with one on each side of the river. They both perform identically to the one found on Urnsay.

Challenge Edit

The Urnsay stationary turret acts as the player's weapon when shooting down flying targets in the challenge.

Trivia Edit

  • Every Gun Emplacement in the TimeSplitters Series (Excluding those in Vietnam and TimeSplitters Future Perfect MapMaker) uses the same firing sound.
  • Using an Emplacement for long enough in a Future Perfect Arcade match will allow a player to earn 'Gun Turret' as their favourite weapon.
  • Arcade Bots cannot use the Gun Turrets in Future Perfect although Story NPCs, placed in MapMaker, can use them when they spot the player.
  • The turrets in Timesplitters Future Perfect will cool down much quicker if completely overheated rather than only partly.
  • The turrets in Timespliters 2's machine guns resemble the Bren light machine gun.

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