Grenades have appeared in multiple forms in the series in all three games. The first two games included Grenade Launchers which allowed the player to propel different types of grenade, including the standard, at enemies at faster speeds and longer distances. The first game features thrown grenades but only TimeSplitters Future Perfect allowed the player to throw them.



In the original TimeSplitters, enemies in story levels could throw grenades that would bounce and explode after a time with a small explosion. Any enemy that could do this would always be behind cover, ducking behind it between grenade throws; note that the cover was generally an explosive crate, and the AI would rarely switch to blind-firing their weapon across the area in front of them, while safely concealed. The grenade animation would take approx. 3 seconds to complete, and the AI would always throw where ever the player was last seen. If approached, the enemy would switch back to the standard fighting 'style' used by all other enemies.

TimeSplitters 2Edit

TimeSplitters 2 added grenades as a secondary fire to the Soviet S47. Like the grenade launcher, it shoots the grenade and it bounces, however the grenade stays in one piece and blows up after a pre-defined time. Cortez is also seen throwing a grenade in the opening cutscene. Notably, hand-grenades are almost completely absent throughout the game; however, in NeoTokyo, sometimes the hackers throw grenades at the player when they leave the sewer for the first time. Also, in Atomsmasher and Badass Buspass Impasse, certain enemies hiding behind walls can very rarely throw a hand-grenade, though this only seems to happen in very specific circumstances and only one grenade will ever be thrown.

TimeSplitters Future PerfectEdit


A box of Grenades

The grenade in TimeSplitters Future Perfect was the only time the player could throw them, without the use of a Grenade Launcher or an attachment to another weapon due to inclusion of a grenade button. In the early stages of the game, instead of a grenade button, they were going to include it as a normal weapon in the inventory. This can still be seen by early screenshots of the game where the player's hand holding the grenade appears on screen.

The distance the grenade is thrown is based on how long the player holds the button before releasing. There is a gauge next to the grenade icon and number that fills when the player holds the button. The first press of the grenade button doesn't release the pin, and holding it too long does not blow up the player like in similar games. Instead, the pin is only released once thrown.

There is a glitch that occurs in Mapmaker with the grenade. If you assign a story AI with a grenade pack as a weapon, they will fire it as fast as possible. This means they will hundreds of grenades inhumanly fast. Sometimes they may kill themselves when running into their own grenades. The same glitch occurs in Sammy Hammy Namby Pamby if the player doesn't kill its users before they have time to fire. This glitch does not occur in the story of the game, nor the arcade.

2015-12-20 00016

A grenade being thrown.


  • The grenades used in all games appear to be fragmentation grenades. They do release shrapnel, but the shrapnel is purely for flair. TimeSplitters grenades function most similarly to civilian Concussion Grenades.
  • In TSFP, there is some text on the grenade box which says "fragmentation grenades, throw at baddies, run the other way".
  • Rarely, you launch a Grenade and it doesn't explode. This error happens in Timesplitters Future Perfect
  • If you give a story AI in mapmaker mode a Grenade as a weapon, they will launch the Grenades in short bursts. Same short burst patterns the AI uses while wielding the Machine Gun (TSFP).

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