Gone Bananas
Game TimeSplitters 2
Section Banana Chomp
Map Aztec
Character Monkey
Enemies Encountered N/A
Rewards Silver: Private Coal
Medal Requirements Bronze: 1 min 30 secs
Silver: 1 min
Gold: 55.0 secs
Platinum: 45.0 secs

Gone Bananas is a Banana Chomp Challenge where you have to pick up the bananas within the time limit.


Jojo the Monkey has been causing mischief around the village, and the villagers have had enough. To teach him a lesson they've thrown his bananas away. Help him get them back!


Go forward & get the banana at the end, turn right & go up the steps, follow the corridor collecting 2 bananas on the way (it should now say 36 fruit left). This brings you to the clearing with the pillars with symbols on, go to the far left corner ahead of you, getting a banana on the way across & one in the corner, do a U-turn to your right around a pillar & come back across the clearing getting 3 bananas, do a U-turn to your left around a pillar & go across again getting 2 more bananas, reverse & turn to your right so you're looking through an arch with bananas visible ahead of you (29 left now). Go through the arch getting 2 bananas, turn hard left & go up steps to the top of the arch getting a banana on the steps plus one at the top, turn left & drop down to where you were a moment ago, go straight ahead up a ramp to get a banana, turn around & come down the ramp then turn right to go through a doorway (24 left now). Once through the doorway turn left & get the banana ahead of you, once you've got this turn around & go past the doorway, turn left at the end & there's a banana ahead of you, get this then reverse & turn to your left, get the banana ahead of you, then turn right, there's another banana ahead, get it & go forward slightly to the right to get another banana, turn left & go across a clearing to get a banana, turn left along a corridor which brings you back to where you started (18 left now). Turn right through a doorway, get the banana ahead of you then sidestep right to get another, go forward for the next banana then sidestep right again to get another, you'll see 2 bananas ahead of you, go for the further one it doesn't matter whether you get the nearer one at this stage, once you've got the further one turn right to get another banana, turn around & go back to where you may have missed a banana a moment ago, if you had missed it then get it now, turn left past where it was & go follow the corridor getting 2 bananas on the way (9 left now). Go to the far left corner ahead of you, getting a banana on the way across & one in the corner, turn right around a stone pillar & get the banana ahead of you, go to the right of a ruined wall in front of you then turn left past it, get the banana ahead of you, there is a log to your left but go straight past it, when you get to the end you'll see a banana to your right, get this then turn around to see another banana & get it, go back to the log & turn right, go across the log to get the banana the other side of it, turn right, then go forward, drop down a dip & get a banana, go right then left & you'll see the last banana ahead of you so go forward to get it. The bananas are in the same places for Monkey Business so the strategy is essentially the same. This will give a platinum if you're fast enough.


Once you get to know where the bananas are deselect the temporal uplink so you can see where you're going better.

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