Golem Guru
Stone Golem Golem Guru
Game TS2
League Elite League
Section Duel Meaning
Mode Elimination
Map Site
Character The Master
Enemies Encountered Stone Golem
Rewards Silver: Kypriss
Gold: Fat Characters
Medal Requirements Bronze: 1st
Silver: 1st and 3 lives
Gold: 1st and 4 lives
Platimum: 1st and 5 lives

Golem Guru is one of the Arcade League challenges in the Duel Meaning category. In it you must kill the Stone Golem, who has an insane amount of stamina, five times.

Briefing Edit

Two years have passed down at the Site and the building still isn't finished! The reason? A mass of discarded hardcore has come to life and chased all of the builders away. Only the lightning reflexes and the guile of the Master can finally lay the Golem to rest.

Strategy Edit

  • Used With SuperNova's permission

This is the toughest duel mission, as you have very little stamina while the golem has it coming out of his ears. You must go for the scaffolding, as there is a homing launcher on one of the beams there. Get that and armour then strafe around in the open and shoot rockets at golem. It takes 2-3 to kill him. Get health from on top of a small mound and armour between some crates when you need it. Then get more ammo. Never go into the pipes, as you'll get your ass kicked in the tight space. can anyway use the grenade launcher with prim fire. Just don't let the golem get it. If he has 5 lives and you have 4, restart game. If you do end up in the pipes and hit the dead end, there is a way to kill the golem, even without a gun. (Though this will rarely happen.) If you can switch places with the golem, you blocking the exit and him in the dead end, you can get him to run out of ammo by moving back and forth while he's shooting at you. When he's out of ammo, he will be forced to get some more, with you blocking the exit you can punch and shotgun him to death. (The rocket launcher and grenade launcher are not recommended because they will kill you first.)

  • Alternative strategy, will give platinum. Start off by collecting the Grenade Launcher from the portacabin (get the Homing Launcher if you're near it) get the armour & go into the pipes, turn right to go clockwise so you won't get stuck in the dead end. You might meet the Golem head on but he'll probably be behind you, keep moving so he doesn't come up behind you. Make sure you get the Rocket Launcher then turn around & go back to find him. There are 2 ways to fight him, if he's far away & he's using the Grenade Launcher or Shotguns you can use Rocket Launcher or Homing Launcher as these are far better at long distance, if he's using the Shotgun then sidestep so you don't get hit so much. The other way is to get into a position where he is just around a corner to your left, as everyone in the game is right-handed this gives you an advantage, if you get it right you shouldn't be able to see him but you can blast him with explosive weapons, the Grenade Launcher is best, make sure you use explosive grenades not fire balls. Once he's dead you'll probably need to go back into the open area to collect health & armour plus also top up on ammo, be careful not to get trapped in the portacabin, then get back in the pipes & do it all over again.

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