Golden Thighs
Golden Thighs
Game TimeSplitters 2
League Elite League
Section Duel Meaning
Mode Elimination
Map Siberia
Character Kitten Celeste
Enemies Encountered Jungle Queen
Rewards Silver: Aztec Warrior
Gold: High Priest
Medal Requirements Bronze: 5 Kills
Silver: 5 Kills in 2 min 30 secs
Gold: 5 Kills in 2 min
Platinum: 5 kills in 1 min 35 secs

Golden Thighs is an Elimination duel against the Jungle Queen around Oblask Dam.

Briefing Edit

Kitten Celeste is pretty miffed 'cause Harry Tipper has been spending rather too much time in the company of the Jungle Queen. Kitten says that too many muscles look bad on a lady and her tan's fake anyway. So it looks like it's a cat fight at the Dam!

Strategy Edit

Run behind the buildings. When the Jungle Queen runs to the biggest building to restock on ammo, shoot about three grenades to the door to kill her. Simply repeat this strategy until you win. Remember, even suicide can sometimes help. Get close to the Queen and shoot grenades at your feet at point-blank range. You both will explode. However, don't commit kamikaze suicide too many times, because the grenades do not spawn infinitely in this area.

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