Glimpse of Stocking
Glimpse of Stocking
Game TimeSplitters Future Perfect
Section TimeSplitters 'Story' Classic
Location Hotel
Character Mr. Underwood
Targets Arthur Aching
Clip Clamp
Berserker Splitter
Daisy Dismay
Gaston Boucher
Gideon Gout
Gilbert Gastric

Mr. Underwood
Medal Requirements


Glimpse of Stocking is a TimeSplitters Future Perfect Challenge. It works similiarly to the original TimeSplitters Story levels. Mister Underwood has to run through the Hotel to pick up a Gentlemen's Magazine and then return back up the final staircase to the portal.

Briefing Edit

It's been conniptions and collywobbles all around since Mr Underwood misplaced some important 'artistic' documents. All is not lost though, by dual wielding his trusty pistols (that's double guns to us ordinary folk) it shouldn't take too long to recover his Victorian Gentleman's magazines and make a mad dash for the time portal.

Strategy Edit

The easiest method of obtaining a Platinum on this level isn't to shoot the Zombies in the head with the Kruger 9mm, but to gun whip them. The zombies that are on fire can be ignored. Most appear from behind so do not pose any major risk.

Once the door has opened in the big hall allowing exit from the hotel, as soon as you have picked up the Gentlemen's Magazine, run back, up the stairs and across the hall, dodging and shooting the Berserkers, through the halls, and straight ahead to the portal.

Here are some general tips to keep in mind:

  • In story mode, if a zombie loses their head, they will immediately die regardless of how strong they are. In Glimpse of Stocking, all zombies have detachable heads, so any form of damaging contact with their heads will kill them instantly (this includes steam from the radiators).
  • The zombies featured all have "Weakling" health ratings except for the Clip-Clamps, who have "Low" health ratings. "Low" health rating enemies have approximately twice the health of "Weakling" enemies, though they are also weak.
  • There are several differnt forms of performing a meleeing, falling under two damaging categories; larger weapons utilize many differnt bashing methods, smaller weapons generally perform pistol-whipping actions. The speeds of these actions are entirely dependant on the weapon type (Flare Guns perform pistol whipping slower than Krugger 9mms do), but pistol-whipping actions always do about twice as much damage as any of the other forms for larger weapons. Enemies with a "Weakling" health ratings will go down with a single pistol-whipping (and two hits for any of the other projectile weapon melee types). Enemies with a "Low" health rating (only Clip-Clamp) will go down in two pistol-whippings.
  • The Beserker Splitters have much higher health ratings than any of the zombies do (I have tested to find out what it is exactly), as a result, meleeing them will generally prove less successful than it does against the zombies. It may be wisest to simply keep running and attempt to avoid engaging with the Splitters altogether.
  • Because of their poor health ratings, many of the zombies on fire will die of their own accord only a few seconds after appearing. Keep in mind, however, that any enemy who is on fire will not flinch when hit.

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