Girls 'n' Boys
Game TimeSplitters
Section 8
Mode Team Deathmatch
Map Cyberden
Character Farrah Fun-Bunny
Bots Angel Perez

Chastity Detroit
Female Cyborg
Deacon Swain
Sebastian Photon
Siamese Cyborg
Tuxedo Cyborg

Rewards Farrah Fun-Bunny bot
Requirements 80

Girls 'n' Boys is Challenge 8-A in the original TimeSplitters. It involves a Team Deathmatch between a male team and a female team at the Cyberden. It comes after Everyone Must Go! and before Dinner Dates.

Briefing Edit

Who's the best? - The girls of course! Farrah Funbunny's here to help them win with a score of at least 80 in just 5 minutes.

Strategy Edit

Make sure you have an assault shotgun. The rocket launcher seems obvious but it can cause major recoil and does little if any extra damage. Make sure you stay in areas with clumped respawns around them.

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