Girl Zombie
Species Human/Zombie
Size Normal
Native Timezone 1965
Related Characters N/A
Games TimeSplitters
Girl Zombie is a generic Zombie character, notable for being one of the few female Zombies in the series, and the only one in the original TimeSplitters. They wear white tied shirts that expose their midriffs and their arms, while their hands are covered with blood. They wear shorts that leaves most of their legs uncovered, as well as shoes. Their hair is golden-yellow and done up in pigtails.



TS1 Girl Zombie Small Girl Zombie

Unlock Complete Mansion on Hard in 15m
Gesture Climbs up groaning.
Girl Zombie made her first and only appearance in the first game in the TimeSplitters Series. They are the only female type of Zombie to appear in TimeSplitters 1. She also looks slightly like Daisy Dismay. She plays most of her roles within the Section 1 Challenges, as well as the Mansion Story Mission and from there on, in horror and Undead related Bot Sets. She is considered a hard character to obtain due to the Mansion mission being considered the hardest of the game among fans, as well as the fact she is a timed unlock.


1965, Gallows Hill MansionEdit

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The Girl Zombie is a generic enemy in the Mansion level, appearing sparingly compared to the Brown Zombie. Most appear unarmed, with some wielding shotguns towards the end of the level. Their goal is to prevent Peekaboo Jones and Mary-Beth Casey from returning the murderer's remains to the mansion's gallows.