Ghosts, Not to be Confused with Ghost, are enemies encounted in What Lies Below.

Species Ghost
Native TimeZone 1994
Relations N/A
Appearances Story-What Lies Below

Their only attack is to float towards you until they make contact. It is a one time deal only as they perish afterwards. The ghosts are invisible and cannot be killed, unless using a Ghost Gun which makes them visible and able to be killed


  • Future Cortez fights the ghosts in all directions. When Present Cortez fights there aren't that many ghosts.
  • During Arcade if you get killed with the Ghost gun, the game will think you are a ghost and it'll present you like if you were one.
  • You can shoot Ghosts using normal weapons and cause them to stop for a second and make a pain sound. This cannot kill them however.
  • Looking at a Ghost will always make the cross hair turn red even if you cannot see it.

Trivia Edit

  • Ghosts appear red in the XBOX version of the game, while they are white in the Gamecube and PS2 versions.

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