Species Ghost
Native TimeZone 1994
Relations N/A
Appearances Story-What Lies Below
"There's ghosts everywhere! Something terrible must have happened here."
Anya, What Lies Below

This page is referring to the NPC enemy type encountered in What Lies Below. If you're looking for the specific character, see Ghost.

Ghosts are an enemy type that only appears in What Lies Below in TimeSplitters Future Perfect. They are, obviously, victims of something not elaborated upon that haunt the mansion. They are all hostile.

Their only attack is to float towards you until they make contact; once they attack once, they vanish immediately afterwards. When attacked, the player's screen will fade colour to monochrome for a second before returning to normal, with the player having lost anywhere between 5 and 15% of their health or armour.

The only way to see and harm them is through the use of a Ghost Gun, which comes with Ghost Goggles designed to light up any specters in the player's vicinity.

These ghosts always take the form of various other zombies found in the mansion, especially Clip Clamp and Gideon Gout.


  • Future Cortez fights the ghosts in all directions. When Present Cortez fights there aren't that many ghosts.
  • During Arcade if you get killed with the Ghost gun, the game will think you are a ghost and it'll present you like if you were one.
  • You can shoot Ghosts using normal weapons and cause them to stop for a second and make a pain sound. This cannot kill them however.
  • Looking at a Ghost will always make the cross hair turn red even if you cannot see it.

Trivia Edit

  • Ghosts appear red in the XBOX version of the game, while they are white in the Gamecube and PS2 versions.
  • It is never elaborated upon what exactly happened in the mansion to cause the sheer number of ghosts. As Anya herself notes, "Something terrible must have happened here".