Generic Large is one of two decorative items available in TimeSplitters Future Perfect's mapmaker, the other being Generic Small. They cannot be moved or collected, and serve no purpose other than to make a level look less 'bland'. The exact nature of the item varies depending on the tileset it is placed in, a generic item to the theme. The large generic object is, as its name suggests, the larger of the two.


TimeSplitters Future PerfectEdit

Tileset Appearance
Military A medium height formed pile of sandbags which provides relatively good cover if the player is crouched behind it. Story AI of the Normal variety will actually hide behind the sand bags and shoot over the top.
Lab A worktable with varying devices and screens.
Horror An organ. Using it will produce various songs.
Egyptian An ornate hieroglyph panel.
Virtual Two glowing red virtual boxes, one over the other.

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