Gasmask Soldier
Species Human
Size Normal
Native Timezone 2000
Related Characters Male Soldier
Female Soldier
Shock Trooper
Games TimeSplitters

Gasmask Soldier, not to be confused with Gasmask SWAT, is a generic soldier character. They notably wear gasmasks, hence their title. They wear woodland camouflague trousers, while their shoes and gloves are black and their top has green shoulders with black armour plating. Their attire is different from the other generic Soldiers of both genders.



TS1 Gasmask Soldier Small Gasmask Soldier

Unlock Complete Docks on Hard
Gesture Grunts then looks up and climbs out of view saying "Okay, we leave!"

The Gasmask Soldier, like the other soldiers from the original TimeSplitters, made their first and only appearance in the first game of the TimeSplitters series. The Gasmask Soldiers, the other soldiers and the SWAT officers are all associated due to their similar appearances and titles.


2000, DocksEdit

Main article: Docks (Story)

The Gasmask Soldiers are one of three units of soldiers working at the Docks. The soldiers stand, preventing Jacques Misere and Olga Strom from proceeding with their mission of retrieving the ransom.


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