The Game Cartridges are mini-games dispersed throughout TimeSplitter 2's Story Mode. After you find one, you can play the game through your Temporal Uplink at any time during Story by pressing the Reload button. No time passes while you're playing the mini-games. This cannot be done during Infiltration Challenges. It's also quite useful to get away from intense firefights...

Anaconda Edit

Timesplitters 2 Showcase Anaconda04:09

Timesplitters 2 Showcase Anaconda


Anaconda is found on the Siberia mission (near Oblask Dam) on any difficulty mode. It is on a shelf in the first room of the building across the river from the start point.

Anaconda is very similar to the classic game "Snake", apart from the fact that your "snake" can turn 360 degrees. You start out controlling a small snake, collecting dots to earn points. Once a dot appears, it has a set point value, however, once it appears, the point value starts to drop. Red dots are standard, blue dots start at a higher point value, and moving light blue dots are worth many points, albeit harder to retrieve. Each dot you eat makes your snake grown in size, becoming longer and therefore harder to avoid. If the snake runs into itself or the edge of the screen, it's game over. Players can hold the action button to speed up the anaconda's movement. Anaconda can even be played competitively with up to four players! Player 1 is green, Player 2 is light blue, Player 3 is orange and Player 4 is purple.

RetroRacer Edit

Timesplitters 2 Showcase RetroRacer01:36

Timesplitters 2 Showcase RetroRacer


RetroRacer is found in the Robot Factory level on hard mode only. It is in the final large room (also home to the arcade level) just before you fight the Machinist, under a ramp in the northeast corner.

The RetroRacer game is a simple 2D racing game. Its only objective is to complete five laps.

As is the case with the other games, RetroRacer is an old cartridge-based game. Since Robot Factory takes place in the year 2315, that would make the game at least 300 years old; quite an antique.

AstroLander Edit

Timesplitters 2 Showcase AstroLander07:19

Timesplitters 2 Showcase AstroLander


AstroLander is found in the NeoTokyo mission on Normal or Hard mode. It's in the locker next to the one containing the SBP90 Machinegun, in the room with the computer uplink.

In AstroLander, your main objective is to land a spaceship safely on a landing pad, despite limited fuel. If you hit the ground or touch down on the landing zone with too much speed, the spaceship will be destroyed and it's game over. The angle in which your ship must land must be very straight, around 5 degrees.

Harder modes get higher gravity, lower fuel, and higher point bonuses.

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