Future Perfect Assault Glitch
Requirements Assault
Finder MaximillianZakes

In TimeSplitters: Future Perfect there is a glitch in assault where you get the victory message when you lose and the defeat message when you win. This is true of both attackers and defenders. The glitch is caused by having the time limit for the match set to "no time limit". If the time limit is set to 1 hour or less, the glitch does not happen.

This glitch can be useful in Mapmaker maps played as the defender, in that rather than simply defending, the defender can also complete objectives. Although the objectives are of course only for the attacker, the messages scripted can make it look as if the objectives are for the defender instead. And they can be objectives that are impossible for the attackers to complete alone. If the defender cannot complete the objectives, the level never ends. When the defender completes all objectives, defenders win!

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