Front Loaded
Front loaded
Game TimeSplitters Future Perfect
League Elite League
Section Group Therapy
Mode Deathmatch
Map Disco
Character Kitten Celeste
Enemies Encountered Lt. Christine Malone
Rewards Bronze: Stumpy
Medal Requirements Bronze: 10
Sliver: 10 in 2 min 50 secs
Gold: 10 in 2 min 10 secs
Platinum: 10 in 1 min 50 secs
World Record : 10 in 47.9 secs
(Silent Thunder)

Front Loaded is an Arcade League challenge in TimeSplitters Future Perfect. It involves playing as Kitten Celeste and playing a Deathmatch against Harry Tipper's old colleague, Lt. Christine Malone.

Briefing Edit

Harry's old police partner, Christine Malone, has turned up at the Big Tipper asking after the man himself. From the looks of that non-regulation uniform it seems she may be planning on more than just looking over the details of old busts. Kitten says her fella ain't for sharing, she's challenged Malone to get out her pistols and let's see what they're made of.

Strategy Edit

The easiest way to complete this level with at least a bronze is to stay on the dance floor and surrounding areas. The computer will come looking for you so just headshot it when it comes and you should be able to get at least a bronze or silver if you are fast and careful enough.

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