Freak Unique
Freak Unique
Game TimeSplitters Future Perfect
League Honorary League
Section Deadweight
Mode Team Deathmatch
Map Subway
Character Hans
Enemies Encountered Red
Mister Giggles
Vlad the Installer
Rewards Bronze: Hans
Medal Requirements Bronze: 30 kills
Silver: 30 kills in 3 min 45 secs
Gold: 30 kills in 3 mins
Platinum: 2 mins 40 secs
World Record : 01:13.1 (Dirt689 )

Freak Unique is an Honorary Arcade League challenge in TimeSplitters Future Perfect. You can unlock Hans with a bronze.

Briefing Edit

At night the subway turf is hotly disputed by local gangs. The weird warriors have come out to play, but who will be left standing at the end of the fight? The Techno Geeks, the Circus Freaks, or even dear little Hans? Don't laugh - you get to be Hans...

Strategy Edit

You are Hans and are in a "gang fight" against the red team of clowns and the green team of machinists. Your spawning point is between the two teams, consisting of the green team to be in the near left of your location, and the red team to the near right of your location. The challenge can be hard, since the gangs seem to always be with each other and sometimes pin down the player. It is recommended that you fight the red team rather than the green team, seeing as the green team is stronger then the red team.

How to beat : A tactical 12 Gauge near the spawn and the green team entrance on the left. Get the 12 Gauge and enter the green team base. Don't worry about the red team, they will be entering the same room meaning you get more kills easily, and it just makes more sense to "farm" off of the green team. Using this strategy, you can get an easy gold or even a platinum.

Trivia Edit

This level may be a reference to the 1979 movie The Warriors, because it involves a gang fight in a train station. Other evidence to support this can be found in the briefing, such as when they are called the weird warriors, and they "come out to play", a very famous line from the movie.

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