Float Alien
Species Alien
Size Small
Native Timezone 2035
Related Characters N/A
Games TimeSplitters

The Float Alien is a generic Alien species and they are the first in the series to float. In the replacement of hands, Float Aliens have hook-like scythes at the end of their arms. Despite this, they can still handle weapons.



TS1 Float Alien Small Float Alien

Unlock Complete Planet X on Normal in 4m 20s
Gesture Spins and slashes forward.

The Float Alien appears as the only floating character in the first game, garnering him the title as the first floating character of the series. However, he does not feature in a game past the original TimeSplitters and many other floating characters have been established since. The Float Alien is unlockable in the Planet X mission, however he does not appear in the level, making his only appearance in the Spaceways mission.


2035, SpacewaysEdit

Main article: Spaceways (Story)

Float Aliens, among other aliens appear at the Spaceways (Story). They appear in Spaceways in a lobby scene when you retrieve a health pack, stopping the Robots, Gretel and R108, from grabbing some goods and getting out of there, with little reason to be under fire.

Trivia Edit

  • The Float Alien's sound effects are used for almost all robotic characters TimeSplitters 2 and Future Perfect, albeit modified with a metallic clank sound at the beginning of them.
  • Float Alien's sounds are labelled as "floaty" in the files of all 3 games.

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