Ammo TS2: 30 sec. of continuous fire)


Fire Rate
bullets per sec/cartridge time
50 per second
Reload Time N/A
Damage (per Single Shot)
Sets enemy on fire, dealing 18% damage per second.
Sets enemy on fire
Type Heavy Weapon
Native Timezone 1990 - 2052
Zoom No
Primary Fire Shoots flame
Secondary Fire N/A
Games TS2

Flamethrower in Timesplitters Future Perfect.

The Flamethrower is a weapon that has appeared in both TimeSplitters 2 and TimeSplitters Future Perfect. It shoots out a stream of flames that will ignite almost anyone who crosses its range, and is best used for clusters of enemies for maximum effect. Upon ignition, targets will slowly accumulate damage. Despite it's devastating fire damage, however, it's only use is for igniting players. There is no extra damage dealt to a victim of continuous flamethrower fire.

TimeSplitters 2Edit

In TimeSplitters 2, a character that has been set aflame can put out the fire by walking into water or rain, or if the Fire Extinguisher is used on them. If neither are available, the character will slowly lose their health until they die. Life can be temporarily prolonged by picking up Health Packs, but it will only prolong the inevitable. The fire can also spread the by running into other players. Using the Fire Extinguisher in aim mode and aiming it at the player's feet can also put out fire. There is some text on the red fuel canister on the weapon; it reads: "2YE 1089 BURN THEM ALL".

TimeSplitters Future PerfectEdit

In TimeSplitters: Future Perfect, water can still be used to put out the fire. However, the fire will eventually die out by itself. This does not happen when a bot is set on fire in most cases. This greatly decreases the Flamethrower's effectiveness as a "one-hit kill weapon." For some strange reason, the waterfall in training ground will not put out the fire. The range of the Flamethrower is 2 tiles in the mapmaker.

Gallery Edit

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