Fishwife Mutant
Species Human/Mutant
Size Normal
Native Timezone 1950
Related Characters None
Games TimeSplitters

Fishwife Mutant is the sole female Mutant of the entire series, if Nikki and Jinki are excluded. Her face seems to have been mutated and her skin has a pale blue tone. She wears brown trousers and a white short-sleeved shirt under a pink top. She has a heavily mutated right arm, and her left arm is severely shrunken from the elbow down, as well as possessing a third eye.



TS1 Fishwife Mutant Small Fishwife Mutant

Unlock Complete Village on Hard
Gesture Lunges forward off screen while groaning.

Fishwife Mutant appears in the original TimeSplitters in her first and only appearance. She features alongside the set of Mutants set around the Cursed Village.


1950, VillageEdit

Main article: Village (Story)

Fishwives were among the Humans who were severely mutated, and simplicity points to the cursed artifact having something to do with it. It is the Mission of two scientists, Doctor Seth Graven and Doctor Katje Nadir to return this artifact for deep research. However, the Mutants are opposed to this notion, whether of their own free will or some form or mind control, and only death will stop them from trying to preserve it, hidden beneath the Village.


  • When Fishwife Mutant's head is knocked off, the head viewed is the head of Green Zombie.
  • When Fishwife Mutant has a gun in her left hand, it floats.
  • She and Girl Zombie share voice clips.
  • Despite being a female character, she uses male character animations.

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