First Impressions
Game TimeSplitters
Section 5
Mode Team Deathmatch
Map Compound
Character Mary-Beth Casey
Bots The Impersonator

Suit Hoodlum x3

Rewards The Impersonator bot
10 kills
10 kills in 00:19.3

First Impressions is Challenge 5-A from the original TimeSplitters. It involves killing Suit Hoodlums with the Impersonator. It comes after Brick Flung High and before Lasting Impressions.

Briefing Edit

Help the King to achieve first place with at least 10 kills. He's a little shook up so you'll need to help him out with some covering fire. You have 1 minute.


This is an incredibly quick match. The only weapons available are handguns. It's simple, really. Try and get a weapon (Pistol can be good if you're good at super-shooting it) and gun down the AI as soon as possible. Ten kills in a minute is fairly simple if you know how to be aggressive. Try to keep the King covered as well. The Compound is among the smallest maps in the game, so hunting enemies down should not be difficult.

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