Female SWAT
Species Human
Size Normal
Native Timezone 1985
Related Characters Male SWAT
Gasmask SWAT
Veiled SWAT
Games TimeSplitters
Female SWAT, not to be confused with Female Soldier, is a generic SWAT officer. Like Male SWAT, she wears blue-grey and grey shaded clothing with yellow on her front and black gloves, boots and belt. She also wears a helmet with its visor down which covers her eyes.


TS1 Female SWAT Small Female SWAT

Unlock Complete Chemical Plant on Easy in 30s
Gesture Fires M16 around the screen.
The Female SWATs first and only appearance is in TimeSplitters 1. She is associated with the other SWAT officers and Soldiers due to their very similar appearance and titles. She is essentially a gender-swapped version of Male SWAT.