Female Cyborg
Fem cyb
Species Human/Cyborg
Size Normal
Native Timezone 2005
Related Characters Badass Cyborg
Siamese Cyborg
Tuxedo Cyborg
Games TimeSplitters
Female Cyborg is a generic Cyborg character that appears in the original TimeSplitters and is the only female Cyborg of the game. They sport many cybernetic alterations, leaving few obvious Human features remaining. The Female Cyborg dresses like a teenager, with a tee and hazel pants.



TS1 Female Cyborg Small Female Cyborg

Unlock Complete Cyberden on Hard
Gesture Swipes at player.
The Female Cyborg makes her one and only appearance in the first game of the series as one of the four generic Cyborgs featuring in the Story. She is from 2005 and lives in the secret Cyberden. In story she mostly holds the rocket launcher but in normal when you get the disc she holds an assault shotgun.


2005, CyberdenEdit

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The Female Cyborgs are one genre of Cyborgs involved in the plans of the Cyberden. Their plans are all mentioned on one CD, which they will guard with care. So when Deacon Swain and Chastity Detroit uncovered their secret hideout, they had no other option than to kill or be killed.


  • Despite being a female character, she uses male character animations.